Group leader:
Nir Shavit, PhD
Building 32: Room G622 (mailing address)
32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

How to join my group:

Undergraduates interested in doing research should write to me directly, including a CV and also a description of what their short-term and long-term research interests are.

Graduate Students from almost any MIT department can do research in our group. New students should apply to the PhD program in the EECS department at MIT, with an emphasis on “Theoretical Computer Science,” but applicants from Cognitive Sciences, the Media Lab etc are also welcome, as well as talented students from other Boston area universities.

Postdoctoral Candidates with a knowledge of computer science and /or mathematics and a passion for understanding the process of thought are encouraged to email me. Postdoctoral candidates are expected to be enthusiastic independent researchers who are ready and willing to collaborate extensively with myself and others, both within our group and with our various neurobiology partners. Please feel free to send a description of your past training, results, interests, and future goals, and a list of potential recommenders, including their email addresses. Coming with fellowship funding is an advantage.

We welcome collaboration with any individual or corporation that has an interest in the understanding of the mathematical and computational underpinnings of thought, and are open to joint research and collaboration ideas.


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